Sacramento Heating Repair and Service

sacramento heating repair and serviceWe care about your comfort! On cold winter days, it’s critical that you stay warm in your home. If your heating or furnace system is not reaching or maintaining the temperature you would like, please give Premium a call. We will respond promptly and our experienced technicians will quickly get your system up and running. Premium is bonded, insured, and has been serving the Sacramento area for 20 years—you will receive the best quality of work and a high level of professionalism.

We provide the following Heating Repairs and Services:

  • Furnace Repair, Service, Replacement, and Installation
  • Heater Repair, Service, Replacement, and Installation
  • Maintenance on your Furnace or Heater
  • Heat Strip Package Replacement
  • Heat Pump Indoor Coils, Condenser Section, and Compressor Replacement
  • Gas Valve Repairs
  • Condensing Furnace Repairs or Replacement
  • Combustion Blower Replacements
  • Flue Pipe Repairs or Replacement
  • Programmable Thermostat Installation
  • Duct Repair and Replacement
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Electrostatic Air Filters
  • Filter Replacement

“Honest and diligent! These guys were not intimidated by our old furnace and complicated ducts. We had several different issues that caused our furnace to stop working in the coldest part of December. We know that we need a new furnace but Bob was able to get ours working until a replacement is possible. Another company told us that parts would be impossible to find. Not so. We are very grateful and the furnace continues to keep us warm. Thank you!” -Shannon T., Sacramento, CA

Heating Repair

At Premium, we work quickly to diagnose the problem and get your heater or furnace functioning at its optimum efficiency. If you aren’t sure whether or not it needs a repair, take a look at the questions we have identified below.

Here are some warning signs that your system may not be functioning properly:

  • Is your heating or furnace system making a strange noise?
  • Are you turning the thermostat higher and higher and not receiving the desired warmth from your heating or furnace system?
  • Are some areas in your home warm while other areas are cold?
  • Do you continually have to re-light your pilot light?
  • Has it been more than two years since you have had a tune-up on your heating or furnace system?
  • Do you smell any strange odors when your heating or furnace system ignites?

Heating Service (Maintenance)

Having regular maintenance on your furnace or heater will keep your system running more efficiently and thus extend the life of your equipment. We offer Energy Savings Maintenance Programs that include tune-ups twice a year. As an Energy Savings partner, you will be given top priority in scheduling and you will also receive a discount on any service call performed on your system.

Our Tune-ups Include:

  • Check and replace filters
  • Check and tighten electrical connection
  • Evaluate safety controls
  • Measure temperature difference
  • Check thermostat batteries and operation
  • Check burners for cleanliness
  • Adjust burners
  • Check airflow
  • Check and clean combustion chamber
  • Check and adjust belts
  • Lubricate fan motors
  • Adjust economizer
  • Measure voltage differences
  • Measure amp draw
  • Check fan pulleys

Heating and Furnace Replacement

There will probably be a time when you need to replace your heater or furnace—maybe you are in an older home and a more efficient heating system would be a better investment, or maybe you are tired of repairing your heating or furnace system year after year. After contacting Premium for an appointment, you will meet with the owner to discuss the next step. Bob has 21 years of expertise to help assess which high efficiency system is right for your home and your budget.

When should you replace your Heater or Furnace?

  • Is your current heating and air conditioning system 10-15 years old?
  • Are you paying money to repair your heating or furnace system every year?
  • Are your energy bills higher than they used to be?
  • Do you have rooms in your home that never seem to be warm?
  • Have you always had a problem keeping your home warm?

Heating Installation and Furnace Installation

Our highly trained technicians will set up and test your new heating system, and make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Our heating specialists provide a high level of customer service and are readily available if any issues arise. The types of systems include:

Gas Furnace
A gas burning central furnace utilizes a heat exchanger and a blower motor together, within a cabinet. Gas is ignited on the inside of the heat exchanger and burns to a warm temperature. Air is then circulated over the outside of the heat exchanger by the blower motor and that warm air is distributed through your ducts into your home.

Electric Furnace
An electric furnace utilizes a bank of electric resistance heaters and a blower motor located within the same casing. Electricity flows through the resistance heaters and they warm up; the blower motor then circulates air over the resistance heaters and distributes the warm air through the ducts within your home.

Heat Pump
Sacramento is an excellent place to use a heat pump because of our temperate and relatively arid climate. Heat pumps are considered a form of electric heat—they utilize a compressor, outdoor coil with fan, indoor coil, and a blower motor. A heat pump is an air conditioner with the ability to reverse its refrigerant flow, thus extracting whatever heat is available outside and discharging this heat throughout your house (utilizing your duct system). When comparing a heat pump versus a gas furnace, the cost per BTU is almost equal.

Hydronic Heater
Hydronic heaters are more common in commercial applications but are beginning to be used in the Sacramento residential area as well. A hydronic heater utilizes hot water to heat your home. Your water heater supplies hot water and it is circulated through a radiator coil located in a cabinet with a blower motor and controls. On a demand for heat, the pump circulates hot water through the coil and the blower motor distributes the air through the ductwork in your home.

Heating and Furnace Pump Energy Ratings

Furnaces and heat pumps have different performance rating scales:

The performance of a furnace is measured in AFUE, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is a simple formula that indicates what percentage of fuel used by your furnace is converted into actual heat for your home. The standard model in this area is an 80% furnace. In other words, if your furnace uses 100,000 BTU’s of input, your furnace will convert 80,000 BTU’s of heat to be distributed by your duct system, utilizing your blower motor. There are higher efficiency furnaces that have AFUE’s of up to 96% efficiency.

The performance of a heat pump is measured by HSPF, which stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. It is a formula similar to SEER, in that it measures how your heat pump performs in heating mode over a period of time. The higher the HSPF, the less electricity you use to generate heat for your home. Standard measures of 7.0 to 9.5 HSPF are most common in this area. Utility rebate amounts increase with higher AFUE furnaces and higher HSPF heat pumps.

“Bob helped me out with my heater at my rental, answered every question, and did a great job. Bob also was honest with me about possibly scheduling the repair at a time when the warehouse where he may need to get a part may be closed. I appreciated that, and scheduled a different time to not have to make him come out to my house twice. He did a great job with the repair…I’m happy to have chosen Premium Heating and Air, and would call on them again if needed in the future.” -Trish W., Sacramento, CA

FAQs on Heating Repair and Service

How much better are the higher efficiency furnaces?

The standard furnace model in this area is an 80% furnace. In other words, if your furnace uses 100,000 BTU’s of input, your furnace will convert 80,000 BTU’s of heat to be distributed by your duct system, utilizing your blower motor. There are higher efficiency furnaces that have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE’s) of up to 96% efficiency.

How do you know when to purchase a new furnace or heater or to just continue fixing the system you have?

Most of our customers who decide to purchase a new system have one or more of the following: a heating and air conditioning system that is 10-15 years; they are paying to get it repaired every year; they have energy bills that are higher than they used to be; they have rooms in their homes that never seem to be warm; or they have always had a problem keeping their home warm.

Why is it important to have regular maintenance on your heater or furnace?

Routine maintenance will keep your system running more efficiently, extend the life of the equipment, and help you avoid any major problems down the road.

“Honest, fast, reliable. Mike did a great job, explained the issue clearly. Fair price. I highly recommended Premium Hearing and Air!” -Jim H., Sacramento, CA

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    "We have referred Premium to several people and everyone has nothing but praise for them. They are professional, fairly priced & trustworthy." Janet D., Folsom

    "Your service and advice far exceeded our expectations and were superior to others we contacted." B.C., Sacramento

    "Uniformed service technicians are always professional and experienced." Holly P., Apartment Manager Rancho Cordova

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    Do you need help financing your high efficiency heating and air conditioning system?

    There are several ways to afford your new HVAC system.

    1. You can apply for financing of your new system through Wells Fargo. Please Click Here to review the new financing system.

    Financing provided by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank with approved credit.

    2. SMUD also offers financing for their customers. Please Click Here to take a look at their eligibility criteria.


    Another way to save money is to take advantage of the many rebates and incentives offered by the utility companies. When you upgrade your HVAC system to one that has a higher energy efficiency rating.

    Below are links to the current rebates:

    SMUD Residential

    SMUD Commercial

    PG&E Residential

    PG&E Commercial

    Roseville Electric Residential

    Roseville Electric Commercial

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